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Jun, 28 Published by Nadine

CHARLESTON — Actress and member of the Save The Children Board of Trustees Jennifer Garner spoke with state lawmakers Monday to thank them for including funding in the budget and said she hopes money is not reduced in the future.

In a Monday interview Garner discussed her program and her meetings with state officials. Garner met with House Speaker Tim Armstead, House Education Chair Paul Espinosa, R-Jefferson, and House Finance Chair Eric Nelson, R-Kanawha, Monday afternoon in Armstead’s office.

She said she wanted to meet with lawmakers to thank them for including the program in the budget, but also to make sure that it is not further reduced in the future.

Under the budget bill, $122,500 is allocated to the Reconnecting McDowell-Save The Children program. This program helps with several areas, including early infancy care and literacy programs in several counties in the state. Garner said for every $1 in state funding, the organization contributes about $3.

Garner and lawmakers also discussed whether there could be other funds under the Department of Health and Human Resources or the Department of Education that have a similar purpose as this program and could be diverted to it.

“I wanted to thank him for including it in the budget. And because Save The Children is a public-private partnership, whatever funds this state comes up with, we match at least but with private dollars,” Garner said.

“I go out and fundraise for it like crazy all year along. I’m constantly fundraising for anything to do with West Virginia and I’m happy and proud to do that. But the state funding has to match us. Gov. Manchin gave us $1 million for the first two years we were here and we matched that money and over the last couple of years under Gov. Tomblin, our money has been reduced. And in order to not leave the state because we’re not getting enough to run programs, Save The Children is spending more than $3 of private money for every dollar of state money. I’m here saying we’ve got to right this ship. It’s gone too far out of whack.”

Armstead said Garner has been a tremendous advocate for the state and commended her on her efforts during last year’s flood. Armstead said she marshaled resources and brought private donations to benefit flood relief efforts last year.

“We share her hope that all our children are well-prepared and ready to learn on their first day in the classroom. We look forward to continuing to work with her and representatives of the Save The Children organization to see how they can best fit into our overall budget picture,” Armstead said.

In addition to her meeting with Armstead, Garner also met with the governor’s staff later that day.

Garner said she has worked for Save the Children for the last nine years in programs helping kids in rural areas with home visitation, Birth to 3, all the way up to literacy programs.

“I take it very seriously and it all started because I wanted to bring these excellent programs to my home state,” Garner said. “We’ve been here since 2010 and we’re doing really great work. I know this is a rough budget year so I’m just here to thank these gentleman for keeping us in the budget and trying to make sure that our presence is robust enough to be able to do the work that we do so well.”

According to the group’s website, the program helps children in 120 countries providing support for health, education, protection, disaster relief. Garner said she’s seen many success stories through her involvement in the program.

“For us, the kids in our program, even with all the stressors they have in their lives — poverty, addiction, living with people other than their parents, food insecurity, not knowing where they will sleep at night — those are all things that really shut a child’s or anyone’s brain down from the ability to learn,” she said. “And if you don’t set the brain up to learn by the time you’re in kindergarten or by the time you enter kindergarten, you’re already entering school in remediation. You’re already behind before you ever start your first day of schooling.”

She said more than 85 percent of the children in this program are above the level they need to be in the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, which measures an individual’s receptive vocabulary for Standard American English and provides an estimate of verbal ability or scholastic aptitude.

“So, they are trending so far above their peers that are not in our program would trend and kids in our in-school after-school program. It’s the equivalent for those kids being in our program to getting an extra almost six months of school a year. And they’re reading 68 books more a year than they would have if they were not in our program. …That’s how much we are able to pull them up every year. It’s a very in-depth program and we are engaged in the community.”

Garner said she is not only passionate about the program, but about West Virginia as well. She said she hopes to see more success stories, especially with kids growing up in poverty in rural areas in the Mountain State.

“I love this state. I love the kids in this state. I believe in the possibility for them and I think that we take care of our own better and more than almost anyone else in the world,” she said. “These are little kids in the middle of nowhere in the back of hollers. These are not kids on the hill where I grew up. They’re not kids in Beckley. These are kids in McDowell County, Roane County, Nicholas County, Calhoun and Cabell. These are kids struggling and suffering and their parents are struggling and suffering just to keep life going and without intervention, they will not show up to school ready to learn.”

She said the reason this is important to her is to give children a chance to improve their lives in the future.

“Without an education, there is very little chance for these kids to break the cycle of generational poverty that they have been unfortunate enough to be born into,” Garner said. “We have got to find a way for them to only be fortunate that they have been born into this beautiful state in this gorgeous country in this beautiful time and let them live their lives and flourish. And it’s up to us, brick by brick to help them.”

Garner said she is passionate about keeping the program in the state.

“I’m passionate about that as anything in the world and after nine years of working for Save, I’m more sure that what we do works in rural American and in West Virginia than I ever have been,” she said. “If it takes knocking on every door to keep us in the state, then they’re just going to have to get used to seeing me here.”

Source: register-herald.com

Jun, 14 Published by Nadine

Hey everybody! Today I added pictures of Jennifer where she attended at Net-a-Porter x Draper James capsule collection in Beverly Hills, CA on June 6 2017.

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May, 24 Published by Nadine

Hey everyone! Today I added pictures of Jennifer where she appeared at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to promote her new film ‘Wakefield’ on May 18 2017.

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May, 23 Published by Nadine

‘Wakefield’ star Jennifer Garner uses her uncanny salesmanship technique to endorse ‘The Stephen Colbert Show’ AKA ‘The Late Show.’

May, 23 Published by Nadine

“Jen always has a homemade pizza truck come out,” explained Cranston at a Cinema Society Screening on Thursday.

Bryan Cranston often plays fatherly characters on-screen but for many of his young costars that mentoring spirit carries on when the cameras aren’t rolling.

“It was like one huge action class on set,” explained actress Victoria Bruno, who plays the daughter of Cranston and Jennifer Garner in “Wakefield,” the actors’ latest release. “He took the time to sit with me every day to ask me what I want to learn and what questions I have.”

The Cinema Society and Fiji Water hosted a special screening of “Wakefield” Thursday in New York with guests Zoe Kazan, Rachel Roy, Fern Mallis and Johannes Huebl on hand to celebrate the moody drama, which focuses largely on lengthy and intense soliloquies from Cranston.

“I’ve been doing it for so many years and now at 61 years old I have to make sure my energy level stays high [on set] when I need it high,” explained the former “Breaking Bad” actor. “If I get a sense that I’m not going to be needed for an hour, I’ll go back to my trailer and nap for 45 minutes. We’re there for 14 or 15 hours everyday so it’s more of an endurance test than anything else.”

To lighten the daily drudgery of filming, Cranston and Garner strategically provided food trucks to deliver goodies to the cast and crew as a gesture of thanks. “Jen always has a homemade pizza truck come out to the set [she’s on] so every crew member can individualize their own pizza,” explained Cranston. “I had an ice cream truck come out and there was a coffee truck that came and made lattes. It’s a small gesture, but we don’t want the work to go unnoticed.”

Following the screening, guests convened at the Penthouse Hotel on Rivington for an after party where tequila cocktails were welcome refreshments in the unseasonably hot and humid weather.

A distant lightning storm sparked behind the Empire State Building’s silhouette as Cranston, who was dressed in head-to-toe Givenchy for the evening, waved off the notion that his role in “Wakefield” could eventually be an Oscar contender. Costar Garner stayed briefly for the post-screening party and dashed.

Source: wwd.com

May, 20 Published by Nadine

Hey everyone! Today I added pictures of Jennifer where she attended a screening of Wakefield and after party hosted by Cinema Society and FIJI Water of IFC Films in New York City, NY on May 18 2017.

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May, 20 Published by Nadine

Hey everybody! Today I added pictures of Jennifer where she attended to ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ for taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, NY on May 18 2017.

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May, 7 Published by Nadine

Hey everyone! Today I added pictures of Jennifer where she attended City Year Los Angeles Spring Break in Culver City, CA yesterday. The event was to raise funds and awareness for the organization, which aims to improve educational services for at-risk students in high-poverty communities.

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Mar, 19 Published by Nadine

Juno is going to work for Planned Parenthood.

The creators of the 2007 film are re-staging it with an entirely female cast as a one-night-only live-read on April 8 to raise money and awareness for the women’s health organization.

Ellen Page will be reprising her role as the pregnant teen and Jennifer Garner will be back as the hopeful, adoptive mother, but the male parts – like those originated by Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, and J.K. Simmons – will be filled by actresses this time.

Jason Reitman, who earned an Oscar nomination for directing the film, put his live script-reading series aside last April after five seasons, but the 2016 election inspired him to bring it back only a year later. This will be the first show of many in a new Resistance-inspired lineup, touching on topics such as immigration and the fake news epidemic.

“Like many other people, I felt like I wanted to do something. I wanted to find a way to contribute to the causes that have never felt more important,” he told EW. “It occurred to me that I have this show that could be used as a tool to not only raise money for causes that need the help, but could serve as an opportunity for a group like Planned Parenthood to connect with an audience who can be presented with new ideas, or even an action item.”

In some ways, the all-female cast will add an edgy new feel to the story, and in others it will require extra suspension of disbelief from the audience. Two women can definitely adopt a child, but they can’t exactly make one. (In case you needed to have this clarified.)

Reitman has previously done all-women casts for readings of Glengarry Glen Ross and Stand by Me. “Considering how much this election has done against women and what Planned Parenthood has done for women I thought it would be cool to hear this script with an all-female voice,” Reitman said.

The Juno reading will take place at the Ace Theater in downtown Los Angeles, and tickets can be found here. Reitman says they’ll be selling original artwork from the opening titles and other signed memorabilia, with all the money going to Planned Parenthood.

The full cast will be announced via @JasonReitman on Twitter in the days before the show.

Much of the Trump and Republican-led effort to strip Planned Parenthood of its funding focuses on the health organization’s abortion services – although the group states that only a small fraction its services are for terminating pregnancies. Nonetheless, ever since the Hyde Amendment in 1976, no federal money has been used for such procedures.

Planned Parenthood has recently begun a campaign to highlight what taxpayer dollars do help underwrite, like cancer screenings, STD treatment, pregnancy tests, contraceptives, and other reproductive issues.

Motherhood has been a running theme for Reitman and Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for the movie’s script. (She’ll be at the reading, but won’t be playing a part.) The two paired up again in 2011 with Young Adult, starring Charlize Theron as a woman who goes home to stalk an ex-boyfriend who just announced the birth of his baby.

All three have joined forces again for this year’s Tully, starring Theron as the mother of three who forms a bond with the title character, a night nanny played by Mackenzie Davis.

Reitman says the Planned Parenthood read will resolve one point of debate about Juno, which was embraced by some anti-abortion advocates because the main character chooses to give birth rather than terminate the pregnancy.

“If there was any confusion about whether Juno was pro-choice or pro-life, this should settle that,” Reitman says. “Juno had a choice, and that was the most important part.”

Source: ew.com

Mar, 19 Published by Nadine

Jennifer Garner is speaking out.

The Miracles From Heaven star spoke in a hearing to the House Appropriations Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Subcommittee on behalf of Save the Children in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, on the importance of early childhood education on developing young minds.

“When many of these children [who grow up in poverty] enter kindergarten, they don’t know their letters and numbers. They don’t know how to sit in a circle or listen to a story, they don’t know how to hold a book. They may have never even seen a book,” the 44-year-old actress stated, as she gave an emotional breakdown of how lack of access to early education can lead to children being unprepared for grade school. “Poverty dulls the senses, it saps hope, it destroys the will.”

“Poverty is silent, I mean that quite literally,” Garner contended. “Somebody has to tell their story above all the noise. Poverty is silent, but I can’t be.”

As she tearfully spoke during the lengthy hearing, Garner called for investment in “high-quality childhood education, proven effective programs like Early Head Start, childcare development block grants, preschool development grants and home visitation models such as Save the Children’s Early Steps to School Success.”

We can intervene in these children’s lives in time to make a difference,” the mother of three reasoned.

Additionally, the actress pulled from her own life to make her case, recalling how her mom’s access to learning, despite humble early conditions, helped her to give Garner and her sister better opportunities in their lives.

“My mom grew up one of 10 kids in dust bowl depression, Locust Grove, Oklahoma, and she’s the only one in her family to have gone on to college,” she shared. She had such a lively house that was the perfect environment for early childhood brain growth. They played jacks, they sang songs, they recited Bible verses, they all could recite poetry at the drop of a hat … that is kindergarten readiness.”

“She thrived and identified as a smart girl,” Garner continued. “And thank goodness she did, because it really changed my sister and I’s chances in the world.”

Garner even said that her own kids — 11-year-old Violet, 8-year-old Seraphina and 3-year-old Samuel — greatly benefited spiritually from the privilege they had of being able to attend pre-K programs.

“My children have gone to a wonderful preschool in Santa Monica, California, and they go to a wonderful Sunday school, Methodist church that my family attends nearby,” she explained. “Without the social, emotional component of preschool … Sunday school can’t have the same efficacy for you, and can’t have the same meaning.”

Meanwhile, apart from being an advocate for her children, Garner has also worked hard to assist others in her family.

Source: etonline.com

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